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World Tennis Day

World Tennis Day was a single day celebration of tennis that included grass roots participation events around the globe and was highlighted by exhibitions featuring pro players in locations such at Hong Kong, London and New York. The initiative grew out of the success of the BNP Paribas Showdown events at Madison Square Garden that included participation initiatives from the USTA as part of Tennis Night in America. After seeing success on a national scale, the event was taken to the entire world, with more than 50 nations hosting events. 

HolterMedia oversaw the days' public relations, media operations, digital marketing and social media while also managing player relations for the pros playing in the signature events. These responsibilities ranged from fulfilling requirements of player and sponsor contracts to liaising with media in numerous national markets to creating the event's website. 



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Rafael Nadal pulled Ben Stiller from the crowd to play with him during the BNP Paribas Showdown at Madison Square Garden in 2013. But it was Juan Martin del Potro's nine-year-old partner who stole the show.

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