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While media has changed, the basics of good public relations remains very simple - create smart, impactful pitches, then make it easy for the media to do its job. The landscape is different, with fewer traditional media outlets but many more new media opportunities. This makes it very important to present a targeted pitch. 


Facilitating an efficient coverage opportunity is nearly as important for the media. The greatest pitch in the world with sloppy execution may well be your only placement with that outlet. We get ahead of the game by doing our homework before pitching, then ensure every detail is in place for a smooth experience for the journalist. 


It has never been easier to have direct contact with your audience. In today's market, it is also as challenging as ever to convert your audience to customers. And there has never been more value in converting your customers into brand ambassadors. 


Each step of that process - from audience to advocate - requires a coordinated approach across multiple digital channels.


We work with you to craft impactful messaging that will help you achieve your goals by addressing the right people in the right way so you can attract people to become not just consumers, but ambassadors.


You spend 52 weeks working on your event.

So should your social media. 


We determine what your brand wants to say, how to say it, and cater that message to a particular audience on the appropriate platform. We will work with you to find the right voice and tone to create unique content that will help your brand break through the clutter and make an impact in the social space. Beyond just speaking to the masses, we'll use social media as it's intended - to engage with your audience and to serve as a customer relations resource for your fans. 


Smart, relevant social content results in an engaged and informed audience. 


Having a star in attendance can take the patron's experience to the next level. Whether a Q&A in front of several hundred people or a meet and greet with a handful of fans, these events require thorough planning to deliver the best experience for all stakeholders. 


Your star must be comfortable and relaxed, not worried about what they are doing. Your fans must feel a connection to the star during the event, otherwise the experience is not any different from watching the star on the court, stage, field or screen. 


A host can do a lot to put the star at ease, which goes a long way to establish that connection.


The chance to represent yourself and your brand to a wide audience is an opportunity that should not be taken lightly. Being prepared can help you maximize this exposure. There are risks that come with the media spotlight, but preparation helps mitigate those. 


Follow our action plan to master the occasion, whether a light morning show appearance or a press conference in the midst of a crisis. You'll soon find the skills honed with media training are used in everyday conversation with clients. 


Whether it is your first time or if you need a refresher, media training will be an asset in all your communications.


Van Halen's request for no brown M&M's was not an exercise in vanity by some eccentric rockers. It was a test to ensure that the event promoter was committed to every last detail to help the band put on the best show possible. (Honestly, there was a great reason behind the no brown M&M's request!


If you make the investment in talent for your event, you must follow through to meet their every need to ensure your stars put on the best possible show. From dietary needs to security concerns to travel planning and every detail in between, we can help make your stars feel comfortable and prepare them to shine for you. 


From the second screen to enhance the audience experience to providing the production team with up-to-the-second information about the event, live television is a fast-paced environment. 


Planning ahead is key, but being prepared to react is crucial.  Messaging around programs from tune-in promotion to complementary conversation during the show, creative, intelligent content can foster audience growth. Crafting content for consumption for the second screen requires an intricate knowledge of not only the product, but also the fan. 


Additional television services include field producing, feature producing, writing, research and more. 

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