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Shiseido WTA Finals Shenzhen

For three years in Istanbul, five years in Singapore and now in its move to Shenzhen, HolterMedia ensured the media center ran smoothly at the WTA's year-end championship. From gala draw ceremonies through to championship matches, we made certain both local and international media had the necessary access and facilities to cover this prestigious event. With an elite field in iconic locations, an extra emphasis for these events is placed on photography to capture moments that transcend the sport.

In each city, the venue was not one that typically hosted tennis and numerous events were held off-site, so temporary facilities were required for media work areas. We worked with the tour and local event organizers to provide the best possible working conditions for the press corps. In addition, we have aided the WTA staff with the math involved in determining qualifications for the Finals, round robin advancement scenarios and even tracking who will finish the season as the No. 1 ranked player. 



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The players.

The locations.

The visuals.

All are best in class. 

Ensuring the media can share those images with the world takes considerable planning and coordination. 

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