Founded in 2008, HolterMedia, Inc., provides a variety of media and marketing services at sporting events around the world. The goal of our work is to reach a desired audience, convert that group to consumers, then engage those customers to not only become fans but also ambassadors of your event. This ranges from working with the media to direct contact with an audience via an event’s digital presence to working with a celebrity bringing star power to an event.


What you say, and equally as important, how you say it, is crucial in this fast-paced media world. The second screen, whether while watching a broadcast or attending an event, is often the first point of reference for consumers. We work with events to understand what makes them unique, establish goals for their message then strategically develop specific tone and craft messages accordingly to be delivered on a variety of channels.


Pete Holtermann

Founder and President

Pete founded HolterMedia, Inc., in 2008 after successful tenures in both professional sports and collegiate athletics. Pete is a seasoned sports media veteran with diverse global experience and extensive contacts to local, regional, national, and international media outlets through working with world class athletes and providing services as an on-site media relations manager. He is also a writer, social and digital media content provider and as a liaison to remote and studio broadcast productions. 

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Mara McGurl

Manager, Digital Marketing

Mara joined HolterMedia in 2019 following multimedia work at various organizations. Her experience includes leading multiple successful social media campaigns as well as planning and executing several website redesigns. Mara is also skilled in graphic design and video editing, developing digital + print advertorials, clips for social media, highlight reels and more. Mara researches trends and manages assets to create successful content for all

digital platforms.

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